Good Neighbours

Even with the very mention of the words, “Good Neighbours” you are probably now humming the theme tune. Whether we love or loathe the programme we all long that the sentiment of being good neighbours was a lasting reality for our day and our Province.

One day Jesus Christ told a story about Good Neighbours . The story centred around a scene that sounds tragically familiar to our Province – a man lying in a pool of his own blood. Two people who could and should have helped walked right by, but a third man who was hated by the injured man’s religious group, “one of the other sort”, stopped and tended to the man’s needs and got him to a safe place where he could recover.

It doesn’t take a PhD. to work out who was the good neighbour.

It is an immensely relevant story for our land. In this story Jesus brought together two archenemies, one showing incredible kindness and self-sacrifice to help the other. It is the type of self-sacrificing love that Jesus described in his story of the Good Samaritan, that will really change this island and Jesus says to us all, Go and do likewise. Luke 10 verse 37

But the problem is that we can’t show such love by ourselves! As sinners we have a natural bias towards anything that is wrong. But the good news of the Bible is that Jesus Christ can give us new hearts and a new start to really love one another as He commands. Jesus became the Ultimate Good Samaritan to change people into those who can really love. He came into this world to rescue people who were his archenemies. His death on the cross is the only way our bad records can be taken away, and His life giving power is the only way we can get new hearts that can really love Him and others.

You can read the story for yourself in Luke chapter 10. But more than that you can ask Him for a new heart and forgiveness so that you can truly love as He commands.

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