Silence of the Rams

No it is not the latest sequel in a blood curdling Anthony Hopkins trilogy. Rather it is devastating cancerous silence that is sweeping our nation and gorging the heart out of families, churches and society.

It is the silence of men. Many seem to have no idea of the role of loving protecting leadership that God designed them to have. Watch the news for the next time some poor distraught couple who have lost a child and have to face the glaring lights of the TV cameras and the barrage of invasive pathetic questions of a reporter. Nine times out of ten it is the mother in an understandable state of sheer heart brokenness that has to speak through her soul wrenching sobs – and there in the background sits the father wrapped in a cocoon of silence.

Not for one moment do I think that the heart broken mother has forced her way to the front to be the spokesperson for the family and not for one moment am I saying that she is to sit silently with nothing to say. But it seems that many men in our society today have lost all sight of what it is to be a man, protecting and providing for their wives. Too many men have opted if not in reality then in theory for David Beckham’s latest sari and nail varnish.

And not only in the family is there the silence of the males – but also in the church. Fine Christian women in utter frustration with the shallow spineless leadership of men have taken on leadership roles in the church that they were neither designed for nor permitted by God to have. (I Timothy 2&3)

When God designed men and women they were created with equality of personhood in His sight – equal in value and equal in importance, So God created man in His own image in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them . Genesis 1:27. It is the God of the Bible who gives true and equal value to men and women.

However God has also made us different from one another. Those differences are for the purpose of function – men to be Christ like self-sacrificing leaders and women to be complementing companions making up for man’s many inadequacies. This has nothing to do with inferiority or superiority – just different roles given by the loving Creator for harmony and blessing in family church and society.

It is time for men to end the silence and emerge from their sticky cocoons and be real men. Of course there is only one place where we will learn how to be real men – that is face to face with Jesus Christ. In Him alone can we see what real self-sacrificing manhood is like. And it is through his blood shed on the cross that we can find cleansing for the sin of not being real men and in the risen Jesus Christ find strength to be the men God is calling us to be.

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