Word Today and Articles

The Word Today

In this page you will find some of the leaflets that we distribute regularly around our town. We hope that you find them of benefit. Should you wish to use any of the material we ask that you make contact with us to request permission. All files are in PDF format and can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader program. The most recent issues are listed first:

Autumn 2009: Why?
Summer 2009: More Deadly Than Swine Flu
Winter 2008: The Economy
Summer & Autumn 2008: Hear my Words That I Might Teach You
Summer 2007: Thinking
Spring 2007: Amazing Grace
Summer 2006: When Life Hurts
May/June 2006: Breaking the Da Vinci Code
Summer 2005: How Happy are You?
Spring 2005: Wake of the Wave

These are short articles that the minister has contributed to the local newspapers over the last few years:

The Big Issue
A Sad Nation
Cocoons of Silence
Footballers’ Lives
The Passion of the Christ
Torrents of Destruction