What We Believe


A few bullet points can’t do justice to the Bible’s teaching, but here is what we believe about:

God – There is one God, who exists as three different but equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

The Bible – The Bible is God’s word and is completely reliable. Although written by different human authors over many centuries, because the Bible is ultimately written by God, it has one message. It’s all about who Jesus is and why he came.

Men & Women – None of us have to be taught to do what’s wrong. We come into this world as rebels against God, and add to our guilt each day. We fail to live up to our own standards, never mind God’s. None of us could ever be good enough to make it to heaven.

Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ was and is fully God and fully man. He lived the perfect life we all fail to live, and died on the cross to take the punishment we deserve.

Getting to Heaven – The only way to get to Heaven is through repentance and faith (turning from sin to Jesus). This in itself is God’s gift.

Living as a Christian – As Christians it is our duty and privilege to live lives that please our Heavenly Father. Although we’re still far from perfect, the Holy Spirit is at work in us to make us more like Jesus.


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